Drunken Tongue

Drunken Tongue is a start up podcast station devoted to creating the best, and the funniest digital content in the world. They create and produce original comedy programs soon to be distributed through mobile, web, and external digital platforms. Their pilot series, entitled, “A Story About a Friend,” casts a variety of college student, prompting them to share light hearted, laughable, often embarrassing stories, balanced with the perfect amount of vulgar stupidity. Directed at a specific sense of humor, their new identity system reflects their outrageously big personality, and attracts like-minded individuals who don’t take life, or themselves too seriously.

I chose this hand-lettered logo for its playful, nostalgic, 90s fetishized quality. I felt that such adjectives perfectly compliment the humor and ambiance of the station. The shine effect, which can be omitted in instances of sacrificed legibility, adds an unexpected dimension and favorably brings to mind the qualities and associations of a latex balloon.

The secondary mark fosters similar associations, and speaks to the station’s philosophy (much like the logo) while providing a more concrete visualization of the stations name.

Working together, these two elements prove aesthetically successful, and uniquely identify Drunken Tongue’s voice on the web, and through printed merchandise.

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