Pity Party Packaging

A pity party, by definition, is an instance of indulging one’s self-pity or eliciting pity from other people. This product pokes fun at the notion in a literal way, providing concrete supplies for an otherwise empty expression. This hypothetical party pack targets cliental similar to those who shop the apartment section of Urban Outfitters; young adults who find humor in unique, satirical, novelty items.

The Pity Party Pack consists of a party hat, chocolate chip cookies, a box of tissues, and a wine bottle opener. Due to the system’s identifiable uniting characteristics, the products can be successfully sold as separate pieces, or in one cohesive unit. The light grey cardstock inherently creates a dull contrast against the black ink, mirroring the somberness associated with pity. In contrast, the confetti-like pattern enhances the ironic, satirical nature of the product.

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