Promotional Poster

A promotional take-away / poster for the Virginia Commonwealth University department of Graphic Design, more affectionately known to its’ students as “G-DES.” This visualization is a product of the request to create a piece that sums “a day in the life” of a typical design student.

I used playful, quirky, subtly obscure iconography to mirror the program’s values. Such values include, enjoying your working process, being experimental, and critically thinking in a non-typical way. The pickle jar serves as a humbly unusual container for many of the items you would need/use/see on a daily basis as a VCU design student. The clean, minimalistic approach lends itself to effective communication while the layers of offset colors keep the design fun, as well as allude to the haze and healthy distraught students feel in the thick of this rigorous program.

The layer of text is minimal, and to the point; playfully mimicking the floating nature of whatever you may find in a pickle jar. This take-away is meant to be charming, yet also, provide an honest depiction of the department to attract and/or simply intrigue potential students.

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