Jam Tag + Poster

Campus Sustainability Day (CSD) is an annual event held each October that focuses on recognizing the successes, challenges, and innovations of sustainability in higher education. This year, at Virginia Commonwealth University, topics such as healthy eating, buying local, and urban farming were highlighted.

The poster portion of this system was used as an advertisement around campus to inform students of CSD event details, as well as sustainability-centric workshops and events leading up to it. The minimal, yet demanding red dot became the focus of this system due to its’ attention grabbing nature. The combination of cut-paper-style imagery, with hand rendered line work, lends itself to a collage-like feel that aligns with today’s graphic trends.

The jam tags were a secondary element of this system. They were attached to sample sized jars of local jam given out for free at CSD. The main purpose of this element was to add a level of “quaintness” to the gesture, as well as “brand” the event and bring attention to the VCU Office of Sustainability’s role in the production.

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