Icon Booklet

A revisualization of artist Ricardo Solis’ “How the Flamingo Got to be Pink.” In his anecdote he explains how a team of highly intelligent, “mini-me” creatures are responsible for the Flamingos beautiful colors. He stresses that they are not precise, because life should be accidental. This is why it only feels right that a flamingo gets its’ pink from teeny buckets of paint, randomly poured from a blimp. And why the mini-me’s down below have to protect themselves with small umbrellas.

This experimental picture book was created in hopes to more thoroughly investigate and understand nonverbal communication. Seeing as the entire booklet consists of nothing but imagery, the strengths of minimal design are called into question, and pushed, to remain effective.

I chose the almost completely monochromatic color scheme to subconsciously call attention to the importance of the color pink. I adhered to a geometric grid that resulted in uniquely quirky, yet recognizable, representations of the different elements and characters. The beauty of this product lies in its ability to universally communicate a lighthearted story with adults and children alike, regardless of language boundaries.